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Blog Rant #1

Okay, so I have already, admittingly been delinquent with this blog.

I could go through the various excuses I conjured up as to why, when I should have been blogging instead, but I will simply blame it on two things: the routine nature of a blog and my lack of a decision on the content.

The onset of this blog wasn’t a recent eureka idea. I have debated the notion for many years, but am not privy to the routine manner in which I write out my daily activities.

I am in no way against the various blogs on the web highlighting daily activities, crafting, cooking, dieting, etc. I just have a hard time focusing on one facet of life.

Also, being a journalist, I have never truly publically divulged stories about my life.

So, I’ve been spending some time debating the tone of this blog and what I intend to accomplish. What I came up with, everything and nothing.

In my own head, and during many conversations with two of my inspirational friends, I finally came to the above conclusion. It might seem like a lack thereof, but I assure you it is not.

First, my best friend Dawn Einsel and I talk almost every day, about nothing and everything. We both graduated with journalism degrees from Kent State University, and have a deep passion for storytelling and photography.

We decided that I should go for an edgy journalistic style. Meaning, I touch on daily aspects of my life in addition to my in-depth reporting, whether it be political, local, agricultural, profile…etc.

After nearly two years working for the local paper, I became rather fond of the people and issues relating to Siskiyou County. Not writing about them would seem careless and almost impossible.

Dawn lives in L.A. Proper, aka traffic hell. Which is why I am endlessly trying my hardest to move her to this small town of mine...

Next are the many conversations with my dear friend Megan Peterson. Megan has produced, directed and written for many well-known cable networks in addition to making her feature film directorial debut with Heathens & Thieves.

Megan and I worked together last year in the first ever Jefferson State Flixx Festival, held here in Scott Valley. I also lived with her for a brief time, where we spent many a late night discussing writing and life.

So, of course when I finally decided the blog was going to happen, she was a go-to. As usual, she instantly amazed me, showing me that the tone for my blog is already in the name.

“On a lark,” she said. Meaning, on a whim, or spontaneous. Exactly what Dawn and I spoke of.

What would I do without these ladies?

To conclude this rant, I believe I am finally ready to begin this spontaneous, and hopefully witty, writing routine. We shall see.

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