The Spring Smoothie Addiction

This time of year brings many out of hibernation.

Firsts for me generally follow as so; opening the curtains for the first time in, well…months; a little cleaning here, and a little there; shoveling out a winters worth of Saint Bernard poo from the backyard; and beginning, again, a healthy routine.

For the purposes of this post, let’s focus on health. Now, I find myself a healthy and active person in general, but this winter really proved me a liar.

I took comfort in the occasional hike, eating a salad every third Tuesday of the month, and walking the mutt around town.

As you will gradually find out, in addition to being a freelance journalist, I dabble in the art of milking cows. Yes, I am a dairymaid. So, I considered my shifts most of my exercise this winter.

All excuses aside, most of my solace was indulged in my childhood favorite, pizza rolls, copious amounts of coffee, burgers, stew, bread, and who can forget the booze (*not an alcoholic, more an avid beer lover).

Many cringe-worthy moments went into my winter fun, which is why I am ever so thankful that spring has come.

One of my new favorite additions to my health kick is the smoothie. We all know them well, we love them, and they are super easy.

A quick note, being a health nut simply isn’t in my genetics, so if you are looking to stay away from sugar in fruits, or any of the various insanities that accompany calorie counting, you have severely overestimated me.

My new go to smoothie is fun, simple, and healthy ß I think anyhow, I mean it’s pretty green.

The kale and chia seeds are the most beneficial for me. I absolutely love both of these.

Kale Facts

• Good source of fiber

• High in antioxidants

• Vitamins A, C, and K

• Folate, a B vitamin good for brain development

• Omega-3

The health benefits are crazy. Read more here.

Chia Seed Facts

• Naturally filling

• Good source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants

• Energy boosting

• Essential fatty acids

More details on Chia Seeds here.

Green Apple Smoothie:

• 1 cup frozen strawberries & peaches

• 1 tbsp. chia seeds

• I banana

• ¾ cups applesauce (any liquid can be substituted, such as coconut milk)

• 1 handful kale

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Mix in a blender and pour. I love this recipe because it’s filling, thick, sweet, and has what I refer to as that healthy green kick (the kale). Yummy. Enjoy.

A shout out to my Matt for making me some killer homemade applesauce…Much love.

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